Continuous improvements in the product and looking into the needs of the Market, FLAMINCO has come out with 5 different variants of the product as below:


FLAREINSTA – NANO: This is a general purpose adhesive and can be used for all general tile fixing.
FLAREINSTA – FLOOR: This is specially designed for fixing floor tiles and has specially incorporated graded siliceous fillers and bonding agents.
FLAREINSTA – WALL: This grade is designed for fixing wall tiles where extra bonding and water retention properties are required. This grade also has specially incorporated clean siliceous fillers of even size.
FLAREINSTA – GRANITE: Granite is heavy compared to normal ceramic tiles. For fixing granite slabs, thi adhesive has excellent bonding properties with carefully selected silica grains as filler.
FLAREINSTA – DTA (DECORATIVE TILE ADHESIVE) =  For fixing decorative tiles, vitreous tiles etc, a special grade with white cement as base has been designed. This has very good bonding properties and matching filler colours for aesthetics.


  • A grout that has controlled expansion after it sets and hardens that counter- acts drying shrinkage
  • Ensures early and ultimate high strength development ensuring maximum bond strength and stresses transfer in
  •  Crane rails, ball mills, crushers & paper machine sole plates.
  •  Rolling & finishing mills for the steel & aluminum industries.
  •  Grouting concrete sleeper gaps & to parent concrete in firming ballastless sleeper for railways.
  •  Anchor bolts & bar of heavy machines, Rotary kilns.
  •  “H” shaped steel column, steel tube columns.


For fixing tiles in walls or floors in

  • Office blocks
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Swimming pools
  • Terraces
  • Stone cladding


Apart from the above, tailor made compositions as per specification of the user for special application are also available.

Flaminco Refractories pvt. ltd





FLAREINSTA is a specially formulated polymer modified, tile fixing adhesive, ideal for use for bonding and fixing of cement tiles, ceramic tiles, PVC tiles etc. The product is easy-to-use and requires only water to be mixed at site. It does away with messy and laborious surface preparation and can be used practically in all conditions whether dry, damp or wet. FLAREINSTA, when mixed with recommended dose of water, exhibits excellent bonding properties, water retention properties and excellent cohesion and plasticity. FLAREINSTA also has excellent water proofing properties additionally incorporated into the composition. FLAREINSTA is carefully factory proportioned and subjected to rigorous quality control tests prior to dispatch. FLAREINSTA can also be used advantageously for fixing large stone slabs.