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FLAREX – SG cement is a ready to use non- shrink precision grout with excellent high early and ultimate strength. It is specially designed to provide sufficient working time and also can be placed mechanically with ease. FLAREX SG has special bonding properties incorporated into it for excellent bonding with the distressed sleeper.

In railways, the rails are fixed to sleepers by fishplates, which rest on the concrete sleepers. The parts of sleeper, which is directly under the fishplates, are subjected to repeated loads when trains pass over the rails. Over a period of time the part of sleeper, which is directly under the rails, forms a depression because of the repeated load. 

 Replacement of such sleepers requires to be done during blocks and it takes a lot of time besides the cost of new sleepers. FLAREX SG is used to refill such grooves and prolong the life of sleepers. FLAREX SG also saves a lot of precious time, which is required for changing the sleepers.


  • Grout with controlled expansion that counteracts shrinkage contains no gas generating agents like aluminum/zinc powder.
  • Fast setting high early strength with plastic consistency can be applied into the grooves by an ordinary trowel including damp areas.
  • A ready to use grout that hardens free of bleeding, settlement or drying shrinkage. It is free from corrosive agents like chloride.
  • Timely repair of groove in sleepers with Flarex SG, also effectively counters the deterioration of the rails which, otherwise would have started getting eroded because of the groove formation.


Ideal for filling grooves, cracks and crevices formed in sleepers. Quick repairs of distressed ballastless sleepers.
Between precast panels and other joints where total load bearing is not required.


FLAREX SG grout is generally supplied in 25kg and 1kg  ready to use moisture resistant bags.(Customized packaging is available on request)


FLAREX SG grout has a shelf life of approximately 9 months, which stored in a cool, dry environment 


Apart from the above, tailor made compositions as per specification of the user for special application are also available.