Flaminco’s MIKROCRETE is a ready to use dry concrete which when recommended water is added and mixed at site produces a free flowing expansive repair micro concrete or if the application requires, a trowelable non shrink high strength micro concrete. MIKROCRETE is constituted by a mixture of specially designed cementitious binder, clean select well graded aggregates & special workability agents, polymeric bonding additives and specially selected fibrillated fibres. It is designed for use in repair of damaged reinforced concrete elements like columns, beams & structure where the areas are restricted or not easily accessible for effective placement of traditional concrete using vibrator. MIKROCRETE can be made flowable and pumpable or made plastic for vertical or application in ceilings by a slight change in the water dosage. MIKROCRETE is integrated with fillers of judiciously adjusted particle size so that the applied micro concrete can access intricate areas. 


  • General concrete repairs, ducts & linings.
  • Generators turbines & bridge bearing pads.
  • Tracks,tunnels & RCC road repair.
  • Struts & unrestrained base plates.
  • Repairs of precast construction.
  • Repair to damaged reinforced concrete members like beams, columns, wall, etc. where access is restricted and vibro- compaction is not possible.
  • For Jacketing of RCC columns to increase load-bearing capacity .


Mikrocrete is generally supplied in 25kg. ready to use moisture resistant bags. (Customized packaging is available on request) 


1.25 m2 per 25 kg pack at 10 mm thickness. For a concrete volume of 1 cubic metre 2 Tonnes of Mikrocrete will be required. 


Mikroconcrete has a shelf life of approximately 9 months which stored in a cool, dry environment 


Apart from the above, tailor made compositions as per specification of the user for special application are also available.



Non Shrink High Strength Micro Concrete

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