Flareinsta Joint Fillers are cement based grouts specially designed to give aesthetics and performance. Suitable for use with all types of tiles and natural stones. Available in 24 standard colours. Customs shades can be made on order.


  1. Mix FLAREINSTA JOINT FILLER  to water to the desire consistency .( Approx. 3: 1)
  2. Mix thoroughly to uniform paste.
  3. Carefully fill the joint between the tiles. Filling the joints are deep as possible.
  4. Remove the excess mix by use of a sponge or squeeze.
  5. Incorporated water proofing properties and Non- shrinkage.
  6. Mix only such quantity that can be used within 10-15 minutes. 


FLAREINSTA  grout is generally supplied in 1 kg & ½  kg  bags.(Customized packaging is available on request)


Flareinsta Joint Filler covered an area of 180 -190 sq.ft. for 2 mm gap between tiles of 12 x 12 inch.


FALREINSTA  grout haS a shelf life of approximately 9 months, which stored in a cool, dry environment 


Apart from the above, tailor made compositions as per specification of the user for special application are also available.

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