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Pump-able Grout for Injection Grouting in Water


FLAREX IG grout is a ready to use non- shrink precision grout with excellent high early and ultimate strength. It is specially Designed to provide sufficient working time and also can be placed mechanically with ease.  strengths. It has been specially formulated with a binder that induces stable Sulpho- aluminate phase and to  provide extended working time.


Grout with controlled expansion that counteracts shrinkage contains no gas generating agents like aluminum/zinc powder.

Fast setting high early strength with flowable consistency can be pumped into intricate areas including damp and water logged areas.

A ready to use grout that hardens free of bleeding, settlement or drying shrinkage. It is free from corrosive agents like chloride. A grout which meets the requirement of ASTM-C 806 & C 827. 

Recommended Use 

Ideal for filling invisible cracks and crevices. Quick repairs of Distressed ballastless track beds.

Between precast panels and other joints where total load bearing is not required


Flarex IG is packed in 40kg/25kg moisture resistant bags. 


40 kgs of FLAREX - IG mixed with recommended dose of water produces approx 20 litres grout.