Flaminco Refractories pvt. ltd

FLAREX III (Flarex 3 )


Free Flowing, High Strength, Non Shrink Grout. 


FLAREX 3  grout is a shrinkage compensating, ready to use, non-metallic, chloride free high precision, free flowing grout with excellent     high early and ultimate strengths. It has been specially formulated with a binder that induces stable Sulpho- aluminate phase and to  provide extended working time.


  • A grout that has controlled expansion after it sets and hardens that counter- acts drying shrinkage
  • Ensures early and ultimate high strength development ensuring maximum bond strength and stresses transfer in concrete and other high stress applications.
  • Completely free of metallic powder, fluid coke or other agents that cause expansion through gas generation only when grout is in plastic stage. 
  •  Meets controlled expansion requirements of ASTM C.806-82. 
  •  Has free flow that provides maximum penetration in small areas. 
  •  Hardens without bleeding or settlement shrinkage.


All non-shrink precision grouting applications, particularly those requiring maximum load bearing and impact resisting such as: 

  • Turbines, Generator,  boilers , pumps and centrifugal compressors , Crane rails,  ball mills , crushers & paper machine sole plates.
  • Rolling & finishing mills for the steel & aluminum industries.
  • Grouting concrete sleeper gaps & to parent concrete in firming ballastless sleeper for railways.
  • Anchor bolts & bar of heavy machines, Rotary kilns.
  • “H” shaped steel column, steel tube columns. 


FLAREX III grout is generally supplied in 25kg, ready to use moisture resistant bags.(Customized packaging is available on request)


25 Kgs FLAREX grout mixed with recommended dosage of water gives 0.025 Cubic meter yields. I.e. 2 MT of FLAREX mixed with recommended water yield 1 Cubic Meter of fluid grout .


FLAREX 3  grouts have a shelf life of approximately 9 months, which stored in a cool, dry environment 


Apart from the above, tailor made compositions as per specification of the user for special application are also available.