FLAREFAST grout is specially designed for pothole repairs/patchwork jobs. It is a super fast hydraulic setting high early strength grout for quick repairs to potholes on roads either of Asphalt of concrete, even during MONSOON. It can also be used for any kind of patchwork repair jobs. 


Super rapid hydraulic setting free flowing & self-leveling grout with high early strength for repairs. Repaired path is open for traffic/load in a matter of 3-4 hours .

Recommended Use 

For quick repairs to pot holes/patches that are formed on pavements, roads, highways, factories etc. of cement concrete or normal bitumen asphalted type.


FLAREFAST grout is generally supplied in 25kg. ready to use moisture resistant bags. (Customized packaging is available on request) 


FLAREX III grouts have a shelf life of approximately 9 months, which stored in a cool, dry environment. 


Apart from the above, tailor made compositions as per specification of the user for special application are also available.



FAST SETTING, High Strength, Non Shrink Grout. 

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